Focus areas

Pan-African Globalization

GABC regional positioning in Africa is a response to the 21st century development landscape.    GABC seeks to enhance its strategic impact and sustainability through purposeful dialogue and engagement.  Key global factors influencing this include:

  • Enhanced national capacity and increased emphasis on local solutions and know-how
  • Shifting funding patterns and levels 
  • Disruptive technologies
  • Increased focus on economic drivers of growth such as enterprise-based responses to development challenges.

As a result, GABC identified three strategic focus areas that are key drivers in executing the GABC’s objectives.  These are identified below: 

Global Youth Development

“Africa’s youth will be today’s greatest legacy. We want to see our youth think beyond mental and geographical borders to take tomorrow’s Africa to the world.”

In detail…

Development of Youth is a key strategic pillar to driving sustainable economic development.  Young people are an asset to the economic development agenda of Africa.  South Africa and the rest of Africa has a youth “problem” characterized by millions of unemployed, under-educated young people who cannot contribute to the country’s growth.   Yet that “problem” is also the country’s greatest opportunity for long-term development. 

GABC has identified a way to stabilize and provide a safety net for the country’s youth, while at the same time situating them at the centre of the country’s long-term economic growth.  GABC response is connecting Youth to organizations, institutions and corporates who offer tailored enterprise-based responses that can inform, educate and empower youth through the promotion of media and corporate literacy.   

In detail…

Women affairs is a key strategic pillar to establishing and maintaining sustainable communities.  Studies show that women play important roles and readily contribute towards the development of their communities and in most instances go beyond the “call-of-duty” to sustain the societies.  Women possess the penchant for nurturing and taking care of their own rendering them trustworthy citizens of any community they are part of.   However, only 33% of the women’s population (women account for about 50% of the world’s total population), is illiterate. 

Women in parliament around the world is less than 25%.  Yet their involvement in societal and global affairs is quite limited as compared to the participation of their male counterparts.  In order to change the landscape, GABC seeks to connect organizations, institutions, investors and corporate to programs and initiatives that prioritize education more women, increasing uptake of women in corporate and support their career pursuits especially those in leadership platforms.     At the same time create a sustained platform for increased equality and equity for women over time.  

Women’s Affairs

“Women’s affairs is about strengthening and supporting women in leadership, and increasing the uptake of women in strategic leadership positions. ”

Charitable Giving

“Corporate entities need to understand they do not operate in a vacuum; they have a responsibility to the communities in which they operate through effective CSI policy.”

In detail…

Charitable Giving is a strategic focus area for GABC.  The aim and objective is to support orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) targeted organization under the initiative:   Ska Wara which means “Don’t Worry.”   The purpose is to make sure all children have a sense of belonging. 

Young children should not have to worry about where their next meal is coming from and they should be able to get an education without worrying about what they shall eat or wear. Ska Wara was established to support orphans and child-led homes in remote rural areas and townships in South Africa; with a view of expanding across SADC region and then across Africa. 

We believe that if Africa is to realize her potential for economic development,

We need to see the emergence of internationally recognized African brands. Through encouraging the youth and women we give Africa the best chance to achieve this.