Business Opportunities

We help our members access exclusive business opportunities across Africa

Investors looking for

Projects to Finance

We have access to prime investment opportunities including infrastructure projects, PPP projects, large corporates and medium sized businesses looking for expansion capital and more. Through out exclusive network we hear of several deals before they are circulated to other investors. We receive projects various stages from early conception stage until they are investor ready. We present these to our investor members.

Companies looking for new market

Business Development

We assist our global members take their businesses into African markets. We help them identify suitable regions and countries. We help them identify local partners, distribution channels and suitable market strategies. We are sector agnostic; having previously assisted in FMCG, Oil and Gas, Mining, Energy, Fashion,  and Telecoms. We offer unparalleled local market insight and we can establish businesses very quickly.


We are sector agnostic. We source projects from various sectors. We focus on the deal structure rather than sector focus because we have investor members with varied appetites for investment.


Global investors often don’t understand African projects and their risk profile. We present projects with suitable security to satisfy international investors including guarantees or collateral.


We examine the merits of investment opportunities and only present to ur investor members projects we are confident display acceptable bankability with a clear and viable exit in place for investors.

Dividend Repatriation

We present projects that have a clear strategy for dividend repatriations for our investor members. We assist projects to develop FOREX strategies for repayments to our investors.

We have access to

Infrastructure Projects

We have access to various infrastructure projects in several countries across Africa. Most projects carry sovereign guarantees or are being promoted by private companies who have other forms of guarantee in place. These opportunities have been previously dominated by Chinese investors. We offer these opportunities to our member investorst.

We can source hard commodities for

International Trade

We have access to several hard commodes across Africa for international trade.International buyers can approach us for enquiries of availability all minerals and commodities sourced in Africa and our African members can supply. Previously supplied commodities include Bony Light crude oil, copper, palm oil, iron ore, cashew nuts, gold, diamonds and more.