Cultural Intelligence

Our members gain competitive advantage through local knowledge of cultural customs and CSR strategies

We understand most

African Cultures

Africa is a continent made up of 54 countries, each with its own array of local tribes and cultures. Traditional leaders are still respected across Africa and any business looking to enter African markets will need to understand the dynamic balance between modern government and traditional governance that can affect several business issues if not adhered to correctly.

We know international

Business Customs

African companies and businesses are often looking for international partners to supply them with goods and services. Many companies are looking for finance and support but they don’t often manage to sell the main benefits of their businesses. We understand international customs of doing business and we assist our members gain the understanding of international business customs.

Local Protocols

We assist our members to understand local protocols for engaging traditional leaders and we can also make introductions.

CSR Strategy

We assist our members on developing effective CSR strategies that help foster relationships with the local communities in Africa.

Global Partners

We assist our members to identify international partners to assist their businesses in Africa including suppliers, funders, technical partners and more.

Narrative Review

We assist our members by reviewing the narrative of their proposals to ensure they are drafted in a format that international business will understand.

For many of our members we have found that they prefer to enter new markets with support and mentoring from people who have experience in the new market. We offer this support to our members.

Across Africa over 72% of African land is governed by traditional laws and ordinances. Disputes in these territories is often settled in traditional courts, which often have jurisdiction over the Courts.

We have received several reports from investors and several financial institutions that business proposals we submitted but did not convey the merits of the investment opportunity.