Engage Policymakers

Our members access and engage policymakers including Government Ministers across Africa and UK Government

We offer


Our lobbying service helps our members shape policy to assist their businesses grow. We can voice policy concern on our members behalf to several Governments worldwide.

We fight all forms of


We do not support or promote any forms of bribery and corruption. We adhere strictly to the Bribery Act 2010. We ensure our members are not bribed by corrupt officials through avoidance strategies.

We advise governments on

Trade Policy

Governments shape policy based on the best information available to them. We help African and International Governments by offering trade policy suggestions from our members.

We engage prominent

International Organizations

Our policy team engages International Organizations and Development Agencies and creates a platform for our members to bring policy issues to their attention. Strategic projects often need support from International Development Agencies and we create a bridge for our members to bring such projects forward for consideration.

We facilitate

Trade Missions

We host trade missions to Africa yearly where we take international businesses to meet African businesses. We ensure the Governments are involved so our Trade Mission delegates can engage the countries leaders and negotiate better policy for easier entry into their countries. These platforms are effective in engaging the real local players.