Global Access

International members gain access to Africa – African members gain access to the world.

Penetration into

African Markets

We advise our members on penetration strategies into Africa. Although Africa’s growth prospects are bright, they differ not only country by country, but also sector by sector including: agriculture, banking, consumer goods, infrastructure, mining, oil and gas, and telecommunications. We offer local, practical strategies to our members.

Grow your business into

Global Markets

We believe that if Africa is ever going to realise her potential for economic development, we need to see the emergence of internationally recognised African brands. We assist established African companies to take their brands to global markets. We introduce them to international partners to supply them with goods and services.


Despite increased political risks, the short-term economic environment in Europe has actually improved slightly. Although at a much slower rate than Africa. More European countries are looking at Africa to develop trade ties. Trade between Europe and Africa is steadily on the rise.


China’s economic slowdown has been a central factor in the recent falls in global commodity prices – oil, metals and foods. China’s has decreased investments worldwide opening opportunities for other investors including Japan and India; both who are aggressively investing in Africa.


GDP growth in USA has been slower than 2015. USA continue to increase investment in Africa. Rapid falls in oil and commodity prices negatively impacted Latin American economies, and exacerbated the ongoing troubles in the biggest economy in the region, Brazil.


More Middle-East countries have been looking at Africa as an investment destination in the last few years. More activity is being stimulated since the fall in world oil prices largely affected the region and Middle-Eastern countries start to look for ways to diversify the revenues through investment.

We provide African Market

Local Intelligence

Doing business in Africa has often been approach from an academic perspective. Unfortunately most academic models do not apply in practice when it comes to Africa. Our network in Africa gives members insight to what is actually happening on the ground, rather than Western-styled forecast models. We offer our members practical advice from local experts.

Assist members with

Business Migration

We give our African members support when they are doing business in the UK, European and American markets. We advice on practical issues such as partner introductions, market entry strategies, investor-readiness coaching, business immigration advice, mortgages in United Kingdom, investor presentations, investment roadshows in UK and more.