The Government Network announces the launch of their Crowdsale for the development of a borderless Nation powered by Blockchain Technology, operating from a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO).

Belize, October 31, 2018, The Government Network is building a borderless Nation powered by Blockchain Technology, operating from a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO). Its purpose is to innovate governance one step at a time through the implementation of applications serving direct market needs as drivers for the ecosystem. The goal is to build a nation, operating on a decentralised governance model, accessible and free for all, that empowers its citizens with abilities to achieve their goals independently through the power of technology.

The framework under which the different branches and procedures of the Government Network will operate will be determined by a Constitutional Convention. Here, an equally represented group of prominent experts, businessmen and humanists will be tasked with rethinking the role of government as we know it. The Constitutional Convention will be organised starting from March 2019.

The Crowdsale aims to secure $ 3 million in funding to be used for the further strengthening of the parallel task groups building the Nation, with a first focus on completing the foundation required to develop the DAO and the initial front-end applications. These applications will function as drivers for the Nation and will be equipped with a user base through partnerships. The applications include a decentralised self-sovereign identity solution, a trusted trade framework, and a basic community engagement platform.

Furthermore, the Government Network will invest in testing the different assumptions on which the Nation will be built, the onboarding of new citizens, and educating the world on our new form of governance absent of national boundaries and free from the traditional centralized national models.

Now raising capital by launching a Crowdsale through its own cryptocurrency called the GOV Token, an ERC 20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. The Government Network Crowdsale commences on November 1, 10:00 AM GMT and will run for 4 weeks.

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